l.a. candy, by lauren conrad

Today I want to introduce everyone to our new writer, Riesling! She has the same instincts Syrah and Chardonnay share, but brings a fresh new perspective to the site. Welcome, […]

from london with love, by jemma forte

Bond. Jessica Bond. Well, sort of. Jessica Granger’s dad was a James Bond – and her mom played Heavenly Melons. While living the lifestyle of the rich and famous sounds […]

american heiress, by daisy goodwin

Cora Cash is an aptly named wealthy American girl in 1893 Rhode Island – the Paris Hilton of the Victorian era. The only daughter of perhaps the wealthiest family in […]

the scent of jade, by dee detarsio

Chick Lit and Wine Summer Must Read #5: “The Scent of Jade” by Dee DeTarsio Julie doesn’t do adventure. A woman after my own joy of relaxing, she’s content to […]

something blue, by emily giffin

  Chick Lit and Wine Summer Must Read #4: “Something Blue” by Emily Giffin I enjoyed “Something Borrowed” so much that I couldn’t resist checking back into Rachel and Darcy’s […]

something borrowed by emily giffin

Chick Lit and Wine Summer Must Read #3: “Something Borrowed” by Emily Giffin This novel in two words: pleasant surprise. From the novel’s premise – maid of honor sleeps with […]

with good behavior, by jennifer lane

Chick Lit and Wine Summer Must Read #2: “With Good Behavior” by Jennifer Lane She opened the door, and staring back were beautiful, steely blue eyes, short dark hair, and […]

cupcakes, lies, and dead guys by pamela dumond

Chick Lit and Wine Summer Must Read #1: “Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys” by Pamela DuMond Summer should be reserved for relaxing, eating, drinking – and reading only the very […]

twang, by john schlimm

Backstage with the Field Sisters is as dramatic as it gets – screaming, hitting, swearing, and scratching is just a sample of the infamous sisterly fights rumored to occur before […]

the dominant blonde, by alisa kwitney

The cover and the title don’t come close to showing the excitement and mystery that unfold for Lydia Gold in “The Dominant Blonde.” Contrary to the old adage, I always […]

the debutante, by kathleen tessaro

A hidden shoebox behind a shelf of pristine Beatrix Potter books from long ago were all Cate needed to start unlocking the secrets of the Endsleigh House. “The Debutante,” by […]

cheap cabernet: a friendship, by cathie beck

In Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship, author Cathie Beck pulls the reader in with the dramatic, poignant, — and surprisingly funny — memoir of having two kids and being a single […]

Event: Bromley Lit Fest!

It’s a get-together! It pains me to admit that I can’t attend the Bromley Literature Festival this week, because they’re hosting a day perfect for all Chick Lit and Wine […]

hope in a jar, by beth harbison

The book opens with a traumatic experience for Allie Denty, who reacts with a trip to Sephora and a pledge to get her life – and her body – into […]

the man of my dreams, by curtis sittenfeld

Since reading about the rise and fall of Julia Roberts’ relationship with Kiefer Sutherland, Hannah Gavener has been searching for the man of her dreams. It’s not a hot blond […]

three daves, by nicki elson

“Three Daves” by Nicki Elson captures life, love, and college in the 80s – the mixed tapes, the music, and the not-so-different-than-today Spring Break parties. The book is a simple […]

beneath a starlet sky, by amanda goldberg + ruthanna khalighi hopper

I’ve already written a couple of times about “Beneath a Starlet Sky” – first an interview with Amanda and Ruthanna, then our contest announcement to win a copy of the […]

sweet valley confidential: ten years later, by francine pascal

This book was, like, way disappointing. That’s how Jessica Wakefield, even at 27 years old, would express my sentiment toward this novel. Francine Pascal revisits the Sweet Valley twins I […]

guest post: author of ‘three daves,’ nicki elson

Today we have a special treat – a guest post from Nicki Elson, author of ‘Three Daves’! She dishes about her recent book launch at the most perfect location I […]

Interview with: Amanda Goldberg and Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper

I recently had the chance to chat with Amanda Goldberg and Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper, authors of the fab new book “Beneath a Starlet Sky.” The book is a quick read […]

Event: Grapes & Guys

It’s a get-together! Hey Chick-Lit-Aholics, come out to the perfect marriage of chick-lit, wine, and author signings this Thursday in Geneva, IL. Nicki Elson, author of  “Three Daves“, will be […]

Editor’s Note: Chick Lit Giveaway!

It’s time for our first ever Chick Lit & Wine giveaway! Enter to win your own copy of “Beneath a Starlet Sky” by Amanda Goldberg and Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper! This […]

the chakra diaries, by becca chopra

It could be that “The Chakra Diaries”, by Becca Chopra, wanders too far into the realm of trauma, healing, and redemption to be able to recommend to avid chick lit […]

bergdorf blondes, by plum sykes

This is one of my new favorite books. After quite accidentally finding it (I was walking by in the library, and the book practically jumped off the shelf into my […]

honeymoon, by amy jenkins

This timeless storyline – English woman engaged to a perfect-on-paper man, suppressing thoughts of The One Who Got Away – paired with her organics-crazed boss sets this story squarely in […]

Contest Winner! Introducing, Jen Lane

The day has come, fellow readers and wine-lovers, to announce the winner of the first-ever Chick Lit & Wine contest! For those of you who missed it, a couple of […]

the overnight socialite, by bridie clark

This book is a delicious mix of “My Fair Lady,” “She’s All That,” and every girl’s dream to be re-made into a more glamorous version of herself. (Don’t try to […]


Interview with: Anjanette Delgado

Check out our first interview from March 2011

Editor’s Note: New contest!

Hi all, As you may have seen on our tweet feed, we’re holding a new contest and want to profile you! This blog isn’t all about Chardonnay and me, it’s […]

the big love, by sarah dunn

I’ll admit it. The first time I read this title I thought, “Hmm, like Mr. Big? Like in Sex and the City?” And then I started reading, and yes, it […]

heartbreak pill cover

the heartbreak pill by anjanette delgado

I know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so this is either ill-timed or perfectly timed, depending on your situation. But even if we’re all madly in love right […]

the other side of the story, by marian keyes

“The Other Side of the Story” by Marian Keyes takes awhile to get off the ground. And if you’re like me, you may have given up on it. I did […]

the next big thing, by johanna edwards

If you too catch yourself talking about people on reality TV the way you talk about people you’ve known for years, I think you’ll like this one as much as […]

weekend in paris, by robyn sisman

“Weekend in Paris” surprised me. In good and bad ways. Let me start by saying that it’s worth reading, but it’s not the shining light the cover promises. It’s basically […]

the starter wife, by gigi levangie grazer

Perhaps I should have started with a post about “Maneater” – something I read awhile back by the same author – but I just finished “Starter Wife” and want to […]

last night at chateau marmont, by lauren weisberger

First, a confession. I don’t generally like Lauren Weisberger’s books. But I can’t stop. I read them all. And this one is great. The book begins in the present, with […]