“the starter wife” by gigi levangie grazer

“last night at chateau marmont” by lauren weisberger

“weekend in paris” by robyn sisman

“next big thing” by johanna edwards

“the other side of the story” by marian keyes

“the heartbreak pill” by anjanette delgado

“the big love” by sarah dunn

“the overnight socialite” by bridie clark

“honeymoon” by amy jenkins

“bergdorf blondes” by plum sykes

“chakra diaries” by becca chopra

“sweet valley confidential: ten years later” by francine pascal

“beneath a starlet sky” by amanda goldberg and ruthanna khalighi hopper

“three daves” by nicki elson

man of my dreams” by curtis sittenfeld

“hope in a jar” by beth harbison

“cheap cabernet: a friendship” by cathie beck

“the debutante” by kathleen tessaro

“the dominant blonde” by alisa kwitney

“twang” by john schlimm

“cupcakes, lies, and dead guys” by pamela dumond

“with good behavior” by jennifer lane

“something borrowed” by emily giffin

“something blue” by emily giffin

“the scent of jade” by dee detarsio

“american heiress” by daisy goodwin

“from london with love” by jemma forte

“l.a. candy” by lauren conrad

anyone but you” by jennifer crusie

“’adore new york” by isabelle lafleche

starring in the movie of my life” by laurel osterkamp

“always something there to remind me” by beth harbison

“bright lights, big ass” by jen lancaster

“gabriel’s inferno” by sylvain reynard

“bad behavior” by jen lane

“small town girl” by linda cunningham

“passion fish” by alison oburia and jessica mcquinn

“baby proof” by emily giffin

“and one last thing …” by molly harper

“tales from the crib” by jennifer coburn

“recession proof” by kimberly s. lin

“bridget jones’s diary” by helen fielding

“boycotts and barflies” by victoria michaels

“the kitchen shrink” by dee detarsio

“streamline” by jennifer lane

“the perfect location” by kate forster

“unscripted” by natalie aaron and marla schwartz

“the undomestic goddess” by sophie kinsella

“hollywood ending” by lucie simone

“the queen gene” by jennifer coburn

“memoirs of a mom on the edge” by elizabeth loan

“wife in the fast lane” by karen quinn

“i’ve got your number” by sophie kinsella

“the devil in the junior league” by linda francis lee

“falling uphill” by windy nelson tokunaga

“girl’s guide to dating zombies” by lynn messina

“goodbye, jimmy choo” by annie sanders

“tales from the crib” by jennifer coburn

“dancing naked in dixie” by lauren clark

“sophie’s turn” by nicky wells

“from notting hill with love…actually” by ali mcnamara

“magnolia” by carolina garcia-aguilera

“how to eat a cupcake” by meg donohue

“the CHICK-tionary” by anna leftler

“haole wood” by dee detarsio

“unmasking maya” by libby mercer

“where’d you go, bernadette” by maria semple

“totlandia” by josie brown

“kismetology” by jaimie admans

“twenties girl” by sophie kinsella

“one day” by david nicholls

“field of schemes” by jennifer coburn

“elasticity” by tiffany romigh

“fractured” by dani atkins

“easily amused” by karen mcquestion

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