Syrah, Chardonnay + Noir are insatiable readers of chick lit, ready to face the world after work every day with a great book – and a glass of wine. Here at you’ll find the perfect wine pairing for each chick lit book, along with a thorough review. Don’t worry, we never give away the endings – but we will give away if they aren’t worth reading.

If you have a recommendation about a book to read, please leave a comment on the ‘book list’ page. If you’re a publisher who’d like to get in touch about a new book, or a wine maker who thinks your wine will make the perfect complement to a new book – send an email to

Full Disclosure: Chick Lit and Wine does receive free books and wine to review, but does not review this content exclusively. Free products do not receive good reviews automatically. We read and what we want to read, sip what we want to sip, and tell our readers what’s good and what’s worth skipping.  For more information feel free to email us anytime. xoxo, Syrah, Chardonnay and Noir

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