Ill tidings summon Calvin Ware and two of his foster-brothers back to the only real home they knew as boys: a house called Neverwood, where countless wayward boys were given a second chance, shelter, and the unconditional love of their foster-mother, Audrey.
But in the years since, Neverwood has become an empty shell. The land it stands on is in imminent danger of repossession, and a fortune’s worth of repairs will be needed to keep the house standing. Neither Calvin nor his brothers have the money, and their ideas of how best to handle the crisis soon have them in a heated argument– every clash underscored by all that was left unfinished in the past.And when the contractor hired to assist with repairs turns out to be a long lost former boyfriend, Calvin realizes that funding and sibling rivalry are the least of his problems.

Such is the premise of G.B. Lindsey’s One Door Closes: the first book in the Secrets of Neverwoodtrilogy. Each book is written by a different author, and the three may be read together or as stand-alones. The entire trilogy is due for publication in just a few days. And you really shouldn’t miss it.

One Door Closes is brilliant. Spooky, delicious, and full of shiver-inducing thrills. I could not put it down (or sleep) until I reached the last page. It’s rare to find a book in this genre with such a tightly-woven and suspenseful pace. The atmosphere of Neverwood puts one in the perfect mindset for ghosts–perhaps the result of the author’s professed love of horror–but make no mistake. This is a story that revolves, first and last, around love. And the author’s sense of timing and tension are put fully in service to it.

Calvin Ware makes for a highly relatable narrator, but he will throw surprises down just when you start to feel comfortable with him–and the resulting portrait is both complex and deeply satisfying. His interactions with the instantly-loveable Will are by turns entertaining and heartwrenching. From the very first page we are confronted with the fact that too much has been left unsaid between these two–and it really is far too late to undo the damage done when they were together years ago. Yet their chemistry is undeniable.

Calvin and Will are not the only characters whose fates are on the line, here. Neverwood seems to be a crucible for everyone who crosses the threshold. Devon, the mysterious older foster-brother who disappears at the most inconvenient times. Danny, the younger sibling who will turn on anyone who threatens to change the house they share–even if the change is needed.

Throw in a villain who is truly worthy of the title (God, he sets my teeth on edge!) and you have the final, perfectstrand in this complex web.

This story is not to be paired with just any wine. Although this book is coming out hard on the heels of the summer solstice, it has me reaching for a blanket and a glass of something that tastes like autumn. Chaddsford Winery’s spiced apple wine is exactly what I crave. Put a stick of cinnamon or a slice of orange on the lips of your cup and snuggle into your covers as you treat yourself to One Door Closes.

– Noir

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