Why we’re in a good mood and want to share it with you

It’s Wednesday – and we’re happy. Whether you believe in hump day, #WineWednesday, #WriterWednesday or any other form of celebration in this mid-week #WW bliss, we’re happy you’re here to share it with us.

In honor of the International Day of Happiness last week on March 20, we want to spread the love to you. In case you missed it – or just want to jam at work – here’s the video that inspired us all to be a little happier by Pharrell:



And because one of the defining features of chick lit is – and always will be – unstable relationships, we want to pass along this infograhic from Happify about the science behind a happy relationship. (No, we’re not paid to share this with you, but they did let us download their app for free. We’re really just sharing this because it’s That Cool.)