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Happy Valentines to our true loves  – our readers! Keep reading for a chance to win our new favorite things.

It’s undeniable I have a sweet tooth, both for delectable descriptions and happy endings. Cindy Arora delivers on both, each in their own delightfully  surprising manner.

Heartbreak Cake follows the misadventures of Indira Aguilar, co-owner of Cake Pan Bakeshoppe on retro row at 4th and Rodondo in Long Bech. Cinnamon rolls, fig and cherry scones, beignets and doughnuts with seasonal jams… Is your mouth watering yet?

Don’t let me get us off topic. While I pray for a genie so that I can use my first wish to bring Cake Pan Bakeshoppe to life, the novel would be a standalone success without the sugar induced love I’ve developed.

Author Cindy Arora achieves something very few do: she’s developed a story that’s both plot and character driven. Indira, her bakery co-owner Pedro, her married boyfriend Josh, his Italian soap opera star wife Valentina, and the rest of the cast of characters are each charming and endearing. Even Valentina – who I grew to regard as The Evil One – eventually blossoms in to someone I at the very least pity.

It’s while we’re getting to know the characters that the magic happens. Indira’s passion and drive jump off the page and race through the story; instead of a dull peek into yet another career woman’s quest to find The One, we instead have the rare opportunity to observe a moment in time when the bustling world of of woman proves “having it all” means something different every moment. Like a dash of salt added to chocolate, Arora sprinkles each chapter with just enough drama to bring out the best qualities of the story. This is the best kind of feel good book, authentic, rich and complex – never relying on artificial sweeteners to cut corners.

Pair Heartbreak Cake with 2011 Reserve Century Vines Zinfandel from Kunde Family Estate. This full bodied red is dry farmed, an old European method of stressing the vines by not irrigating. The result is incredible: by literally not watering down the grapes, the flavors become thick and concentrated, creating a velvety texture with dynamic flavors from front to back. Heartbreak Cake’s storyline is similarly dense, with no erroneous characters or conversations diluting the main plot. Each page is as thick and delicious as each sip of this Kunde classic wine.

Today is Valentine’s Day and whether you’re cuddled up with your partner or toasting a glass of wine to yourself, treat yourself to Hearbreak Cake:

“I stand inside my kitchen pantry going over a recipe I started to create this evening in my head, inspired by the women who came over to talk to me about their own broken hearts, their mistakes, and what helped them bounce back, I had an idea for   cake that could be great heartbreak buddy.

Pulling ingredients, I grab a bar of dark chocolate and milk chocolate, dark cocoa powder, baking powder and a bag of hazelnuts.

Simple, sweet and hopeful.”

Now’s your chance to win a copy of Heartbreak Cake – and a mini baking set to try your own hand at baking!

How to enter: Leave a comment on this post with your best Valentine’s Day story. From funniest date, to most indulgent singles night we want to hear it all (but keep it G rated!). We’ll pick one lucky commenter to be our Valentine – and to get the goodies.