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Syrah HeadshotSyrah / Danielle English

Heaven: a glass of chilled Riesling in one hand, anything ever written by Sophie Kinsella in the other. Chick lit and wine – could there ever be a more perfect match?

Chick lit is daring, delicious, and certainly not dead. From the pages of classic authors like Emily Giffin and Helen Fielding, to newer authors like Dee DeTarsio and Jennifer Coburn, jump stories of adventure, intrigue – and drama. Immersing myself into the lives of heroines, I can experiment with a look, a relationship, a job, flipping from one story to the next, trying each on like new shoes on a shelf waiting to walk from one world to the next.

Moving to the San Francisco Bay Area revealed to me the treasure that is Northern California wines. From Sonoma to Napa, Dry Creek to the San Joaquin Valley there are as many scrumptious wines as there are indulgent new chick lit novels. Pop the cork and let the reading begin.

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Chardonnay / Sonya English

It got to be Pavlovian, the way pouring a glass of wine makes your tastebuds jump and your shoulders relax.

I’d crack open a good chick lit after a long day at the office and my mind and body knew it was time to have fun. The stresses of news writing (special and intense as the are) started to melt away before my mind even drank in a word.

I find these adventures, singularly and unapologetically feminine, a delicious break when my personal narrative gets weighty. Any night, I might be in for a gossip session with my cleverest girlfriend. Or maybe a little therapy with my dearest mentor. Other nights I dive into a relationship so hopeless I can’t help but feel smug and enlightened by comparison. Crime fighting. Travel. Marriage. Invention. Crime committing. It’s all tucked inside, just lying in wait on my nightstand.

Waiting to be uncorked I like to keep a bottle of bold, earthy red, like a Malbec or Zinfandel. My latest love is a Negroamaro blend from Orin Swift called Locations I.

Noir / Darcy Calhoun

Once I tasted Sakura wine it was all over for me. I can’t think of a more exquisite drink.

I am a writer. I recently came home to the States after living in Japan for seven years, and may never recover from the East/West mental clash of such a big change. I love anything to do with books, medieval weapons, psychology and obscure words. Doing (or reading up on) odd things with the excuse that I am researching for a novel is a fun way to challenge myself.

Chick lit is attractive to me in part because it’s a peek into the lifestyles, beliefs, and idealized fantasies of women in Western culture. Having grown up as a somewhat atypical girl, but having all the standard expectations drilled into me as a girl, I can say that reading chick lit makes for a great deal of vicarious pleasure. Fashion and cosmetics are a guilty (but growing) passion of mine, and I have an equally guilty affection for any book, show, or movie featuring fancy lipsticks. Since chick lit is notorious for its obsession with fashion, I think it could be great venue for reviving beautiful old words for colors – is anyone else as in love with mazarine blue as I am?

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