Bitch week has morphed into bitch month. I missed the deadline to post – and that was bitchy of me. In the spirit of the theme, I’m writing what may appear to be an unflattering review. Or maybe I’m just being a miserable bitch.
“Happy Bitch” is everything it promises: a self-help book that walks readers through the steps necessary to grow from a miserable bitch to a happy bitch by losing the baggage and finding yourself.
The advice is sound. And I’m happy for the author. Finding meaning in a divorce and committing to leading a fulfilling, exciting and fabulous life is insanely difficult. Anyone who can find guidance in this book deserves happiness.
That said, parts of the book felt too obvious to me. Too many points of advice that I thought we all know inherently.
But I think the book’s only real fault is that it isn’t chick lit. I was seduced by the fun wine (Happy Bitch Rosé) that just happened to have been precede by a book. What did I have to lose?
So consider today’s post instead a review of Happy Bitch Rosé. Light pink in color, the sweet wine shines through the semi-translucent glass bottle. Hidden beneath the label are secret words of encouragement, waiting to be read by a slightly buzzed Happy Bitch.
If you’re looking for the self help book that will pull you out of your bitch-y funk, this is indeed the book for you. And if you’re looking for a perky and delicious pink wine for girl’s night this is the wine for you.
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