Money can’t buy happiness. But it sure can rent it for awhile.

That’s just one piece of sage advice Charlize “Charlie” Edwards is planning to pass down to her great grandniece. Chronically single, Charlie fears she’ll never walk down the aisle and have a daughter of her own – so planning ahead for her great grandniece is the best option on the table.

Fast paced and indulgent, “A Total Waste of Makeup” by Kim Gruenenfelder fills the hole created when Sex and the City went off the air. The kind of hole you don’t want to admit exists, but nearly a decade after the show went off the air we’re all still coping with.

Though published in 2006, I didn’t discover “A Total Waste of Makeup” until recently on the recommendation of a close friend. While the themes of fabulous-ness, heartbreak, dating and drama ring true in any generation, the novel is filled with already antiquated technologies that can’t help but make readers nostalgic.

A post-it on the phone to not pick up in case it’s him? Doesn’t work without the old landline phones. In the middle of a steamy instant-message chat and kicked offline at the exact wrong moment because someone’s calling your phone? Probably doesn’t make sense to anyone younger than 26.

But its these treasures of a decade gone by that make this such a fun read. While the book was surely a hit in 2006, it’s even funnier now through the instantly nostalgic eyes of rapidly changing technology.

Pair “A Total Waste of Makeup” with Mountain View Winery’s Monterey County Pinot Noir. This 2010 vintage’s bright cherry and plum notes parallel Charlie’s underlying upbeat outlook on life. Despite working for a self-centered movie star, despite watching her younger sister plan a wedding while she’s still piecing together a dating life, Charlie always remains ready for the next adventure. Just as this rich red continues to develop for years after bottling, this novel has become even finer with time.

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xx, Syrah