And as the ashes fell between the keys, the laptop became his final resting place. So the story goes for Elle Miller’s dad.

All My Restless Life to Live we a surprisingly touching story of a girl struggling to accept that her dad passed away – and might be back to haunt her via his beloved computer.

As you all know, Dee Detarsio is one of my favorite authors, and her latest novel absolutely doesn’t disappoint. Elle Miller is a writer for a hot and steamy soap opera with a nightmare boss, a meddling mother, and a visitor from the other side.

Juggling sometimes insipid soap opera plots while fighting to make the show a success, Elle takes readers behind the scenes of romance on – and off – screen. But don’t worry, this fabulous read doesn’t cross the lines into raunchy romance. You all know I worship classic chicklit – and this delivers.

The tale weaves seamlessly between Elle’s real-life struggle to find love and closure, while peeking inside the addictive plot of her Emmy-nominated soap. Both stories are a treat to sink into.

Pair All My Restless Life to Live with Alvaro Castro 2008 Pape. This powerful red embodied the deep connection Elle developes with the laptop, while integrating a dash of Portuguese flair that mirrors love interest Quez’s spice and mystery.