Like the deadly melody of the furies, the plot of Furious dug deep into my psyche and I couldn’t put it down all weekend. Don’t be fooled by the youthful cover – this book is a must read for any age.

Alix, Stephanie, and Meg are three girls who stay beneath the radar at Hunter High. Outcasts among their peers, the unlikely trio bonds when Ambrosia – the gorgeous, quintessential cool girl (think Kelly Kapowski, but mysterious)  –  invites them all to join her group project about the Furies in Western Civilization. But Ambrosia has bigger plans for the three. Something more powerful than they could ever imagine.

Yes this book is based on mythology, but you don’t have to know the history to follow the plot. Yes it’s a high school drama, but the themes ring true as an adult. Yes it’s absolutely worth reading. Right now.

Jill Wolfson’s characters jump out of the page and burrow deep into your brain. Hours flew by as I obsessively turned the pages, fighting sleep to try to finish the book before bed.

Because this book is technically YA, I don’t feel comfortable pairing it with a wine (I trust you’re all 21+, but you might want to share this book with daughters and nieces – better to keep it safe). Instead, pair Furious with a glass of sparkling grapefruit juice (my favorite is Izze). Mirroring the girls’ transformation from rough outcasts to glittering Furies, the sparkling grapefruit juice hits your tongue with a sour punch that dissolves into sweet fruitiness. The fizzing bubbles reflect the bouncing ride the the trio makes from glamorous, to evil – and back again.

xx, Syrah