Let the countdown begin! Sophie Kinsella comes out with Wedding Night in a little more than a month and we at Chick Lit and Wine absolutely can’t wait.

In honor of the new release, we’re reviewing another old favorite from Kinsella’s bookshelf: Twenties Girl.

With haute flapper dresses, waif-like arms and a high-energy Charleston, Sadie Lancaster hijacks Lara Lington’s life. In the middle of a funeral. In the middle of her funeral.

Lara Lington is either being haunted or going mad, but either way her spoiled great aunt is back from the dead and on a mission. And Lara is the only one who can help.

What may sound like a ridiculous ghost story is in fact another Sophie Kinsella classic that hits the perfect Chick Lit notes and sucks away your whole weekend in one addictive read.

Sadie refuses to cross to the other side until she gets her hands on a prized necklace. What seems at first to be a sparkly piece of over-loved costume jewelry turns out to be linked to one of the most important paintings in the world. A great aunt who lived to 105 years old pining after her first love discovers more about her life in the afterlife than she could have ever known on Earth.

Interweaving elements of the roaring 20s with Lara’s modern (and somewhat depressing) life, the unlikely pair takes London by storm. From Lara dating a man Sadie has a crush on with the ghost by her side dictating what to say, to uncovering a family scandal that literally rocks the nation.

The Times (UK) aptly said Twenties Girl is “best read with a cold glass of wine at sunset” – and I couldn’t agree more. Pair Twenties Girl with a chilled glass of Fetzer Shaly Loam Gewurztraminer. Just as Sadie dances into Lara’s life out of nowhere, this Gewurztraminer will invade your tongue with a slight fizz that puts a spring in your step. Sadie and Lara’s eventual inseparable friendship mirrors the perfect harmony of the sweet notes of apricot, peach, rose and honeysuckle that await in this California gavurtz.