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Bettina has the clique under her thumb. Jade is the bad girl trying desperately to reinvent herself. Ally, Lorna and Jillian all have something to hide while putting their brightest, smiling face forward. The perfect storm of new faces, frenemies and mean girls are back, all grown up, and changing diapers.

“Totlandia,” by Josie Brown, is the chronicle of four women bonding in the most awkward of circumstances: fighting for a spot in the coveted The Pacific Heights Moms & Tots Club. Under the leadership of the controlling and demanding Bettina, the women are forced to compete and form friendships simultaneously. With a skeleton in every closet, it’s a constant battle to the top.

In case you missed it, we interviewed Josie last weekend about her inspiration for “Totlandia,” and whether or not the high-drama world that sucks the reader in is based on a real San Francisco group.

“Totlandia” is highly addictive. The fabulous cover is a head-turner, but the storyline itself is what keeps me flipping the pages long into the night. The unique story of each woman speaks to a little part inside all of us. And the high-stakes war of entry into this exclusive club reminds us that the competitive nature of high school cliques is never far behind.

I loved “Totlandia” and am already deep into the second in the series. Josie plans to release four episodes a year, following the moms (and one dad) through their journey as the kids grow up and the friendships shift.

With a whole series in store, I recommend pairing the novel with a wine you can pace yourself with. Jacuzzi Vineyard’s Sangiovese is vibrant, but surprisingly light on the palate. The peppery finish mirror’s Bettina’s biting leadership, while notes of mixed berries and cherries reflect the sweet  new friendships formed just beneath Bettina’s fiery rule.

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