Diffuse the family tension this holiday season with this laugh-till-you-pee pick from author and comedian Anna Lefler. If you lack retail endurance (the ability to shop and/or browse for the long haul, p. 168) grab this book and call it a day. (Or win a copy – keep reading!)

“The CHICK-tionary” is a must read for everyone from the casual reader, to the clueless boyfriend. Filled with 450+ definitions, Lefler’s book is a guidebook to navigate world of women. Here are a few of my favorites (abridged):

Pop Tart, noun: 1. A term used to describe a female pop star whose outrageous attire, partying, promiscuity, or antics have eclipsed her singing career…. 2. A delightful toaster pastry, p. 156. 

Puff Daddy, noun: Term for the noticeable bulge of a woman’s pubic area below the belly button. A natural contour of the female form, the puff daddy can suddenly become markedly apparent after a tummy-

tuck procedure…p. 161.

Wasband, noun: Shorthand term for one’s ex-husband formed from the combination of “was” and “husband” and which comes packed with loads of tasty subtext depending on its inflection….Considered the female version of the much less fun-to-say male expression “hex-wife.” p214.

This clever comedy reads well with a glass of an equally delightful wine: Mrs. Beachley’s Mulled Wine. A silver medal winner from the 2012 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, this sweet and spicy holiday treat warms the heart and brightens the mood. With a mug of mulled wine in one hand, and Lefler’s CHICK-tionary in the other the cold winter nights will be cheerier than ever.

You can win a copy!

With Thanksgiving coming up this week, I want to say thank you to our loyal readers by giving you your very own copy. To enter: leave a comment below with your favorite chick word – and your own definition. Five lucky winners will receive an autographed copy of “The CHICK-tionary” by Anna Lefler.


xx, Syrah