“The Heartbreak Pill” was one of the first books we reviewed here at Chick Lit + Wine – and after two years it’s still one of my favorites. It’s #2 on our Chick Lit + Wine Gift List. (Don’t forget – if you buy it in the Amazon Chick Lit + Wine Store 20% of proceeds go to the National MS Society!)

Erika Luna is a scientist with a broken heart on a mission to find a cure. Breaking the stereotypes of chick lit heroines worldwide, Erika is a smart, math-savvy scientist.

After her husband of seven years leaves her and completely uproots her life, Erika does what any good researcher would: attempt to formulate a pill to stop the pain.

“The Heartbreak Pill” is a treat. Delgado’s writing hits the notes of everything I love about classic chick lit, without delving into a saccharine cliche of what women want. This novel is a fabulous gift for any woman.

To escape the early signs of Jingle Bells playing in every mall, grab “The Heartbreak Pill” and a bottle of Andre Brut. It’s the holidays – toast your friendship with a sparkling glass of bubbly and see if Erika finds the cure we’ve each longed for at some point in our lives.