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Imagine going to your favorite rock concert. The one with the lead singer you’re in love with. Imagine meeting the band. Imagine hitting it off with the lead singer. Ten years later your life is on track, you’re on the verge of getting engaged and – quite suddenly – that lead singer is back in your life. What would you do?

That’s precisely what happens to Sophie Penhalligan when Tuscq lead singer Dan suddenly reappears in her life. Everything was going just fine up to that point. Her boyfriend Tim was surely on the verge of proposing, her job was going well, and she’d transitioned nicely into adulthood after her raucous younger years came to an end.

Until one night in Paris, she finds herself suddenly engaged. To Dan.

Sophie’s Turn is a fun-filled novel that jumps readers from dwelling on what-could-have-been to taking action. Author Nicky Wells cleverly weaves together Sophie’s past and present in a way that makes readers feel like they’re there with Sophie, experiencing every breath-taking turn.

This sweet, end-of-summer novel should be paired with Da Da Da Lodi Chardonnay. This refreshing white is the perfect touch to a hot summer’s day – and to Sophie’s hot nights.

In case you missed it, author Nicky Wells wrote a guest post for us earlier this week here.

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