“Dancing Naked in Dixie” by Lauren Clark is dreamy. Thick. Sweet. Southern.

There’s something so deliciously enticing about a New York girl getting stuck in the South, and all that ensues.

Julia Sullivan is a travel writer used to jet-setting around the world, until one day her assignment feels like cold water thrown in her face: Eufaula, Alabama. Seemingly at the edge of the earth, Eufaula looks like it has little to offer in culture and even less to offer in nightlife.

But for everyone who’s ever been in the South, you know there’s more than meets the eye.

The assignment in Eufaula seems like a punishment from her editor, but thick layers of deceit unravel with each page turn.

“Dancing Naked in Dixie” matches Founders Reserve Sandeman Porto. The full, thick sweetness of this Port matches Eufaula’s Southern charm, while the complex notes of cherry and pear reveal themselves just as Julia’s past emerges.

Join me September 18th at the San Francisco Ferry Building to grab your copy. I’ll read a passage from this page-turner live alongside authors Meg Donahue (“How to Eat a Cupcake”), Anna Lefler (“CHICKtionary”) and Katie Crouch (“Men and Dogs.”)

See you then!

xx, Syrah