As a San Francisco transplant, I was quickly swept away by Falling Uphill by Wendy Tokunaga. But you don’t have to live in the Bay to get lost in the fog of this chick-lit-turned mystery addiction.

Candace Gray is working on her thesis, getting ready for a summer of research in LA when she gets an ominous call that Ruth Fenton has passed away. She would be distraught but for one small detail: Candace has no idea who Ruth Fenton is.

While trying to puzzle out the mysterious death, Candace’s boyfriend suddenly decides to stay behind  to teach over the summer – leaving Candace on her own for her research trip. Unsure if he’s a dedicated professor or a cheating bastard, Candace is forced to leave him behind en route to her California adventure.

From here the book becomes a twisting murder/suicide mystery with a side of romantic comedy. This book has it all from a handsome journalist in San Francisco, to a snarky-turned-sweet wannabe actress next door in LA. Pair this classic and winding chick lit novel with Cocobon 2010 Red Wine. This sweet red is an instant crowd pleaser, matching Falling Uphill’s relatable and fun storyline. The fruity and vanilla palate would be perfect to sip on a cool evening, sitting on a hidden staircase deep in San Francisco solving the great mystery of heartache, murder and romance along with Wendy Nelson Tokunaga’s Falling Uphill.