Fredericka Mercedes Hildebrand Ware is the creme de la creme. Not one to brag about her m-o-n-e-y, Fred (as her husband calls her) is quickly rising the ranks through the Junior league of Willow Creek. She’s a powerful woman who lends a new meaning to the phrase ‘Don’t Mess with Texas.’

But reality as she knows it comes to a screeching halt the day her husband disappears. With all of her m-o-n-e-y.

In a bind, the only lawyer she can hire to track down her husband without the whole town figuring out what’s happening is her ruddy-faced, rotund, crass neighbor. And he has an insurmountable condition: he won’t help unless Frede gets his equally appalling wife into the Junior League.

Set within the framework of a classic Cinderella-meets-Eliza Doolittle melodrama, Devil in the Junior League is anything but predictable. This southern belle comedy is rich with excitement, secrets and trés chic ladies who make me want to wear a tasteful one strand

of pearls with a matching sweater set. Well, almost.

Frede’s crisp, no nonsense demeanor should be paired with Heller Estate’s Chenin Blanc. Frede prides herself in her demure style and puts a premium on what is sensible and proper, matching the cool reserve of this white. This light summer wine parallels Frede’s surprisingly sweet development. Throw a chilled bottle into your picnic basket and pack this for a weekend trip to the beach.

xx, Syrah