It’s clear. I’m a Sophie Kinsella fan. But who isn’t?

“I’ve Got Your Number” is Sophie’s latest addition to her wide repertoire of chick lit classics. As much as it pains me to admit, the beginning of the novel is a little slow-going. But stick to it – you’ll be glad you did.

Poppy Wyatt has done the unthinkable: lost her engagement ring. One minute she’s passing it around the table to show off to her friends, and the next it’s gone as a fire alarm clears the room and Poppy rushes to safety. The first thought that popped into my overly-logical mind was: who would pass around their engagement ring? Maybe it’s because I’m not engaged, but the idea of letting a priceless gem out of my hands just doesn’t ring true.

Poppy rushes outside to call and report her ring stolen, only to have her cell phone nabbed from her hands by a cycling thief. Two valuables, one night. Lady luck steps in, and Poppy immediately finds a cell phone in the nearby trash – quickly appropriating for herself. Again, it’s all too coincidental for me.

But – if you can push past the unlikely set-up, the rest of the novel is both endearing and engaging. The phone turns out to be a company phone, chucked by its most recent (and disgruntled) owner. She immediately  receives emails and texts meant for its former owner’s boss, Sam, and works out a deal with him to share the phone. She’ll act as Sam’s new personal assistant of sorts if she can keep the phone while hunting for the missing ring.

The twists and turns of Poppy and Sam’s intertwining lives become riveting. As much as the first part of the book was slow, the latter is a page-turner worthy of Sophie Kinsella’s name.

Marques de Murrieta Rioja Reserva 2005 matches the blossoming nature of “I’ve Got Your Number.” As the novel needs time to unveil its rich ending, this Rioja needs time in the cellar as well as on the palate to reveal its ripe, round, and robust toasty raspberry finish. Decant the bottle as you read the first few chapters, then dive into a glass as you become quickly addicted to Sophie’s latest work.