Part stand-up special, part memoir, this short novelette had me glued to my seat for a couple of hours from start to finish. Elizabeth Loan’s debut had me laughing and cringing all at once as she recounts her life as one of those people who handle it all, clean it all, and love it all. You know who I mean. Mothers.

Okay, so maybe she doesn’t love it all, but she loves her five (five!) kids and shares their world in an addictive page-turner I couldn’t tear myself away from.

She tells all. From the horrors of cleaning up after 5 kids (I’m quite convinced I’m not ready to go down that path), to her own bohemian childhood wandering through Europe as the daughter of artists, Elizabeth’s quick and punchy writing makes you feel right there with her.

The book is just 48 pages, making it the perfect stay-cation book to read on an evening when you just want a quick escape. Pair “Memoirs of a Mom on the Edge: Part One” with something equally light and fun like Ecco Domani 2010 Pinot Grigio. This light-bodied Italian white is soft with a long finish. While Elizabeth’s memoirs are anything but soft, the finish will have you laughing long into tomorrow.

Xx, Syrah