Unscripted is a misleading title. Uninteresting seems more accurate.  The concept of a life unscripted is compelling, but the storyline of this novel fails to fascinate. Instead of a fun or intriguing story about letting go of your rules and habits, the only thing readers get from Unscripted is a peek into the daily lives of terribly ordinary characters that fail to add up to a meaningful story.

Leading lady Abby is strong, relatable and lovable in the beginning. As a rule of thumb I fall instantly in love with themes related to reality TV, and Abby’s job as a producer on a Blind Date-style show seemed too good to be true. Her insider-access to the grunt work of reality production reads like juicy gossip from behind the scenes. She’s opinionated, powerful, funny and charming. And on the hunt for love.

Sounds fabulous, right? I was hooked.

But a few chapters in they threw me back in the water, leaving me to wonder what happened to the leading lady I’d come to love.  Abby is suddenly transformed from the in-charge producer with her life figured out to a spineless, anxiety-ridden wreck.

Her friends’ efforts to cheer her up fall flat, mainly because of the lack of development in the storytelling.  When they take her to a ‘goddess night’ party (too reminiscent of an episode of Sex and the City), I was all set to be drawn into the mysterious and new-age scene.  But instead I felt as bored as Abby was.  A hit movie written by her ex-boyfriend that’s based on their relationship also sounded like a promising plot twist, but the fact is we know nothing about their past, yet we’re supposed to care about her feelings.  The end result of this character regression is simply frustrating.  A strong character needs even stronger challenges, not flimsy distractions that lead nowhere.

Unscripted was difficult to finish.  The storyline stagnates as the reader is dredged through the mundane of day-to-day life. Our promise to our readers is that we’ll never give away the ending, but we will tell you if it’s worth reading. Put simply, Unscripted isn’t worth the time.

Rather than pair this with an equal wine, ask the bartender for her favorite drink and try something new. Don’t let your night become mundane and predictable. If you’re like me, you love a good surprise.