Dee DeTarsio is easily the next Sophie Kinsella. Her writing is fast-paced, hilarious, and engaging. I loved “The Scent of Jade” and am hopelessly heels-over-head for “The Kitchen Shrink.”

If you saw my Tweets you already know I read the whole book in one day. And with my schedule that’s a big accomplishment. It was so funny, so realistic, and so fantastic I couldn’t put it down.

“The Kitchen Shrink” is the story of Lisby, a mother of two teens who is in a rut. In a moment of weakness she sleeps with a neighbor they less-than-lovingly call “The Martinator.” Things don’t look good.

In an attempt to help, her Hollywood best friend signs Lisby up to be on an HGTV-style show called “The Kitchen Shrink.” The premise: makeover your home, makeover your mental health.

I love books about reality TV. This novel is especially great because it adds to my guilty pleasure of watching endless hours of HGTV with a behind-the-scenes look that makes me feel like I’m along for the ride.

The host of the TV show, Elgin, is as fabulous as they come. In a toast to Elgin, I’d pair “The Kitchen Shrink” with 2010 Loosen Bros “Dr. L” Riesling. This sweet white with notes of flowers and citrus matches Elgin’s flamboyant, fun (and at times tacky) nature.



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