I have to admit, I sort of identify with Claudia. I’m not so sure I ever want a baby either.

Claudia Parr has everything she’s ever wanted. She’s high on the career ladder at the publishing house she works for, has loving friends, and a cute husband who’s on the same page about children: there will be none.

Until one day Ben decides maybe he would like to have a baby.

Written with the same elegance and charm as all Emily Giffin books, “Baby Proof” is another instant Chick Lit Classic. The book seems to go on forever in the best way possible. I found myself living each and every moment with Claudia, through the heartbreak of broken dreams, the agony of divorce, and starting to date number one on her list of “people at work I’d like to sleep with.” Richard really is quite the catch.

I don’t usually specify the format of books, but this is the first book I’ve read where I truly fell in love with the audio version read by Christine Marshall. Sometimes I find myself paying more attention to the narrator’s voice, but in this novel Christine’s voice is almost a part of the book itself. I found it very relaxing.

The aspect of this book I like the most is how it inspired me to picture my ideal future. Experiencing Claudia’s journey challenged me to define the things I value most.

Plug in your iPod to the best speakers in your home and grab a chilled glass of La Playa Sauvignon Blanc. This bright Chilean wine’s accents of citrus candies and background notes of fresh grass remind me of home, resonating harmoniously against Claudia’s struggle to define what love and home mean to her. Its lively acidity matches Claudia’s vivacity and tenacious persistence in getting exactly what she wants.