“Passion Fishing” sounds like an interesting game. But my mother’s warnings of spreading germs came racing back as I imagine making out with multiple strangers.

Here’s how it works. A group of girls go out to a bar and one is the designated bait. The other girls fish around the bar for men who look like good kissers, while the bait is left blindfolded in a booth. One by one the men come to kiss her then leave – no messy goodbyes, no creepy men looking for a date afterward.

In “Passion Fish” by Alison Oburia and Jessica McQuinn the games are only beginning after Eve is the bait for the first time at their favorite nightclub, Stratus. While trying to escape the clutches of her psychotic ex-boyfriend, Eve agrees to accompany her close friends for an exciting night of passion fishing.

Enter Fish #3. Will Prentiss: rich, handsome, and the man in charge of a grant Eve’s art museum is applying for. The secrecy, lust and intrigue compound on Eve’s business trip to Boston for the final stages of her grant proposal. Will recognizes Eve but she has no clue why she feels heat and electricity with a man she supposedly just met.

The plot of the book is absorbing, but the character development is left behind. This novel falls into the category of “telling” instead of “showing.” While the storyline is rich with love, lust, murder and scandal, none of it is truly believable.

This novel is okay if you’re looking for a quick read to zone out, but it’s not on par with the Chick Lit Greats like Marian Keyes or Sophie Kinsella. I’d pair “Passion Fish” with Two Buck Chuck. With both you’ll have a pretty good time, but know eventually you’ll have to branch out to discover the finer subtleties of chick lit and wine.

xx, Syrah