When Erin is proposed to by an attractive man (whose teenage daughter already gets along famously with Erin’s daughter), she just can’t excitedly greet the next chapter of her life. Instead, she’s sent on a tailspin into the past. The reason? She can’t stop thinking about her first boyfriend, the one she thought would be her only boyfriend: Nate.

Always Something There to Remind Me alternates between the present and the mid-1980s. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough in the flashback chapters. Harbison bottled the intensity of young relationships and friendships with the fizzy pop of the decade that brought us the book’s namesake hit.

When I came up for air, I realized this book had a bit of a Twilight effect. Once I started giving the book some real thought, I couldn’t remember if the characters had any redeeming qualities. I was reconsidering the  questionable decisions they made. And then I stopped myself. Why overthink it? I’ll just make sure not to reread it. (Have you ever tried to reread Twilight? I got about three pages in.)

If you’re looking for a relaxing, mindless afternoon, throw on your favorite pop CD and dive into this high school love affair. The youthful fun of this flashback novel begs for something delectably sweet. Schmitt Söhne Riesling is lively and delicate, matching Erin’s spirited trip down memory lane to a time when hearts were fragile and the future was rosy.

♥ Riesling