Bonjour! Today I’m happy to announce Chick Lit + Wine is a part of Isabelle Lafleche’s blog tour for her debut book, J’adore New York.

In short, j’adore this novel. Isabelle’s real-life insight as a New York corporate law attorney combined with a smart, chic heroine takes this breakout novel to a nouveau level of excitement and sophistication.

Just one of three applicants to get transferred to the New York office, Catherine is the only one assigned to the corporate group: her dream come true. Transferring from Paris was a trade-up – her haute Parisian nature would be appreciated while her ambition as a top-notch attorney could be nurtured.

But as you may have guessed, her life as an attorney in the Big Apple isn’t quite as enchanting as Catherine had hoped. Exhausting hours, ruthless co-workers and unforgiving bosses were just the beginning of a game of war Catherine unwillingly entered. Add a shameless client-turned-suitor with ulterior motives, and Catherine’s life begins to unravel in ways she’d never anticipated.

But through the cut-throat schemes and high-stress scenarios, Catherine emerges an elegant, lovable and believable lead. This book is at once relatable while maintaining a dreamlike quality, invoking weekend daydreams of moving to another country and letting fate take over.

Catherine embodies the ideal modern woman – beautiful, smart and brazen. Vin Parfait Chardonnay was created specifically for the Catherine in all of us. This sweet wine is lush with exotic citrus, matching this Parisian’s bold debut.  Like the American clients she meets, our taste buds are eager to consume this exotic flair.

Debuting tomorrow, October 4th, Isabelle Lafleche’s J’Adore New York is the parfait novel to usher in fall. Cozy-up by the fireplace, grab a glass of Vin Parfait Chardonnay, and allow yourself to be whisked away.

Pre-order your copy now in the Chick Lit + Wine shop, and 20% of the proceeds will benefit the National MS Society.

♥ Syrah