Today I want to introduce everyone to our new writer, Riesling! She has the same instincts Syrah and Chardonnay share, but brings a fresh new perspective to the site. Welcome, Riesling!

What if you’re not sure who your real friends are and which ones are being paid by a producer? The same producer that keeps trying to sabotage your relationship with your boyfriend who won’t go on camera. The producer who won’t stop texting you to try to steer the conversation you’re having at the bar.

For anyone who’s ever been fascinated by The Hills or any reality TV show, the L.A. Candy series answers a lot of questions you may have had about the inner workings of the show.

The series follows four young girls picked to be on a reality TV series about life in L.A. In terms of young adult chick lit, it’s fine. On television, L.C. often seems to see things in black and white. She avoids that problem on paper. Her characters are not whitewashed as good or evil. They have more depth and show more growth than those in, for example, Lauren Weisberger’s The Devil Wears Prada.  Conrad even explores the pain behind the scheming of the antagonist, who resembles post-op Heidi.

Essentially, Conrad’s writing doesn’t get in the way of the real fun of the series, which is the insight it offers into The Hills and reality television in general.  Hills fans will spend a lot of time trying to figure out who’s who. Conrad’s alter ego is undoubtedly sweet Jane. Sassy Scarlett could be Lo. The ditzy Gabby has got to be Audrina, but she shares some traits with first-season Heidi, too.

The most irritating part of the book is how Jane’s character secedes control of her life to the people around her. The other characters have reasons for staying on the show despite the problems it causes in their lives. They’re paying for tuition or chasing fame. Jane, on the other hand, passively lets things happen to her.

This book is enjoyable, but pure fluff. I’d recommend something equally sweet, fun and all-around girly such as Fresita Strawberry Infused Sparkling Wine NV. Leave the superficial stuff to the producers and enjoy the flavor only real, hand-harvested Patagonia strawberries can create.

♥ Riesling