Bond. Jessica Bond. Well, sort of.

Jessica Granger’s dad was a James Bond – and her mom played Heavenly Melons. While living the lifestyle of the rich and famous sounds like a dream come true, the reality is more stifling. With a public divorce that took the tabloids by storm and a meddling father who will use his fame to buy his daughter everything – including job promotions, Jessica struggles to become anything resembling an independent adult.

Until she decides to move back to London.

It was the perfect plan. Jessica had been born in London, but moved to the States when her parents’ fame took off. In London she could be home again – but assume a new identity and no one would be the wiser. Like the childhood fantasy of reinventing yourself at a new school, Jessica thought of everything, even changing her last name to Bender.

Except ‘bender’ has a different connotation across the pond, and she has to beat out hundreds of competitors for a menial job in TV.  Flirtations with a cute boy from the studio ensue, but Jessica quickly learns her new crush thinks the daughters of celebrities are airheads. Jessica’s forced to simultaneously defend her cohort – and carefully hide her true self.

“From London with Love” by Jemma Forte pairs nicely with a glass of aerated French Silk Syrah/Cabernet Sauvignon. Just as Jessica couldn’t find herself without first leading a double life, this French red doesn’t live up to its true potential until double decanted. This wine comes to life when transplanted – and so does Jessica Granger.


xx, Syrah