Chick Lit and Wine Summer Must Read #5: “The Scent of Jade” by Dee DeTarsio

Julie doesn’t do adventure. A woman after my own joy of relaxing, she’s content to unwind at home, shop, and talk to her friends. But when her husband jets off to Costa Rica for a business trip she decides to escape to the tropical paradise to surprise him. In what seems like a classic “cheating-bastard” twist, she’s the one who’s surprised when she sees a beautiful Latina straddling her husband.

In a fit of rage Julie runs out of the room and away from the resort, quickly becoming lost in the rain forest. Literally. Worse yet, in her blind hurry to leave, Julie grabbed something from the room where she caught her husband – a relic cherished by Costa Rica making her an unsuspecting fugitive on the run. While hoping for the authorities to come rescue her, the huge police force is actively hunting her down as a criminal.

Just when Julie seems to be on her last legs of survival she runs into blonde Juan, a suave, hunky local ready to rescue her. From there the book takes an adventurous dive into a world of lust, drug lords, love potions, motor-scooters at neck-breaking speeds, and nerdy scientists.

“The Scent of Jade” was surprisingly pert. Call me jaded (pun intended), but when I read that the book was about a MacGuffin that might save us from global warming I thought it sounded kind of silly. But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

This book is gripping, hilarious, exciting – and had an ending that I couldn’t guess. Villa Sonia 2009 Pinot Grigio Piave is sweet and unassuming like Julie, with an unexpectedly strong finish that matches the finale of this tropical adventure. I never wanted either to end.

♥ Syrah