Chick Lit and Wine Summer Must Read #4: “Something Blue” by Emily Giffin

I enjoyed “Something Borrowed” so much that I couldn’t resist checking back into Rachel and Darcy’s world and reading “Something Blue.”

This time, the reader’s in Darcy’s shoes – dealing with the harsh aftermath of her canceled wedding, foiled when her fiancé slept with her then-best friend, Rachel.

I have to believe that Emily Giffin relates more to Rachel, the protagonist in “Something Borrowed,” than shallow, self-centered Darcy. Darcy’s thoughts and experiences are more one-dimensional in this book than Rachel’s were in “Something Borrowed.” I didn’t get much insight into why Darcy acts as childish as she does and I bet it’s because Giffin has no idea why girls like Darcy are so petty.

To the same point, Darcy’s complete transformation into a girl not unlike Rachel is hard to believe. That said, once Darcy finds a conscience and comes down to earth mid novel, she’s far more enjoyable to read about.

We get better acquainted with Ethan, who maintains the intellect and compassion he showed in “Something Borrowed.”

This book isn’t nearly as well-crafted as “Something Borrowed” (which pales in comparison to “Heart of the Matter”), but I enjoyed the bonus chapter of this cast’s saga.

Trust me, spoiled-rotten Darcy goes down easier if you spoil yourself. I suggest you grab a bottle of ChocoVine. Be warned/be excited, depending on your taste: it tastes more like Yoo-Hoo than wine.

♥ Chardonnay