Chick Lit and Wine Summer Must Read #2: “With Good Behavior” by Jennifer Lane

She opened the door, and staring back were beautiful, steely blue eyes, short dark hair, and Navy-built muscles filling out a shiny White Sox jacket. This dreamy McSailor might be exactly what Sophie Taylor was looking for.

Did I mention the door was her exit from a meeting with her parole officer? Oh, and Grant – McSailor – Madsen was her parole officer’s next appointment.

“With Good Behavior,” by Jennifer Lane, is a fast-paced dramatic novel, thick with mafia family criminals, hidden agendas, and secret pasts intertwining toward a murderous end. Through the excitement and deception rises a cheerfully loveable leading lady and romantic love story for the ages.

Sophie Taylor is a psychologist fresh out of prison on good behavior. She was framed for the crime by one of her clients she started an affair with. Now on her own with no license to practice and a dissipating relationship with her now estranged father, Sophie is living with a girlfriend while she figures out how to make ends meet.

Grant Madsen – the parolee scheduled to meet with Officer Stone just after Sophie – is a hunky ex-sailor also out of the slammer on good behavior. Like Sophie, he was set-up, but it was by his Mafioso brother.

After Grant and Sofie’s not-so-innocent meeting they quickly become involved. Who else knows what Sophie is going through better than a fellow ex-con?

“With Good Behavior” makes our Summer Must Read list because the pages fly by. I couldn’t put this book down – reading in bed, in the car, at the beach, daydreaming about reading at work. It’s a part of a series and I’m itching to start book two.

A book this addicting needs an equally savory wine. Soak up Jennifer Lane’s breakout novel by sipping Line 39 Cabernet Sauvignon. This smooth, fruity red matches the fun and adventure of Grant and Sophie, but is specked with hints of pepper matching the lurking mafia’s malice step for step.

♥ Syrah


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