The cover and the title don’t come close to showing the excitement and mystery that unfold for Lydia Gold in “The Dominant Blonde.” Contrary to the old adage, I always judge books by their cover – usually to my favor. Covers are an art, a whimsical invitation to pick up a book and give it a spin.

So naturally the cute cover grabbed my attention – but the storyline was even better than I expected.

Lydia – our dominant blonde – sets off for a tropical vacation with her new love, Abe. Abe isn’t like other guys she’s dated. Let’s just say that Lydia doesn’t have a picture-perfect past when it comes to men. Abe is different – sweet, caring, and makes Lydia feel good about herself. He suggested this vacation to decide on their future together.

Abe is adventurous and convinces Lydia to take risks and live on the wild side while on their dream vacation on a tropical island, like learning to scuba dive. The resort isn’t as nice as Lydia would have liked, but just being there with Abe makes it all worthwhile.

But Lydia’s still not sure what their “future” together should be. Too curious to resist, she begins to snoop through his luggage to see if there’s a ring. It’s better – she decides – to know for sure and decide how she feels about proposal before he actually goes through with it.

There’s a ring all right. But that ring means so much more than a marriage proposal.

I won’t tell you more because you have to find out for yourself. From a hunky Irish NYPD-turned-scuba instructor, to a calculating criminal duo, this book is a fast-paced quest for true love and a stolen $3 million.

“The Dominant Blonde” is the kind of book you can fly through in a quick weekend at the beach. Grab a beach blanket, a picnic basket, and a chilled bottle of Emma Pearl Chardonnay – this wine’s creamy body and lingering notes of cinnamon match Lydia’s newly lightened hair and spicy personality.

♥ Syrah