I’ve already written a couple of times about “Beneath a Starlet Sky” – first an interview with Amanda and Ruthanna, then our contest announcement to win a copy of the book.

But tonight I present you with the official Chick Lit & Wine review.

“Beneath a Starlet Sky” is the sequel to the NY Times best seller “Celebutantes.” Full disclosure – I skipped “Celebutantes” and went straight to “Beneath a Starlet Sky.” I’m sure there are inside jokes I missed out on, but I honestly didn’t feel like anything was lacking.

This book is as glamorous as it is hilarious. Leading lady Lola Santisi comes straight from “Hollyweird,” complete with a movie producer father and reality-TV-obsessed mother (star of a show strikingly similar to the Real Housewives). Even her brother is set to debut his first film at Cannes this year. Lola is caught between the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the down-to-earth “real” life of her doctor boyfriend in New York.

“Beneath a Starlet Sky” was slow to hook me, but I’m glad I kept reading. In the beginning there are so many names I had trouble keeping track of who was who and what was going on. (Maybe there is a learning curve from skipping “Celebutantes” afterall.)

Lola is the CEO of a fashion line that’s slow to launch. Her struggle to assert her individuality from her Hollywood family reflected every girl’s need to break free from her background and prove herself to her parents. Lola is just doing it on a wildly different scale from the rest of us.

I was recently back-stage at Francis Ford Coppola’s fundraiser for North Beach Citizens, An Italian Night on the Piazza and sampled the perfect wine pairing for this book: Director’s Cut Zinfandel. This red is spicy and complex, matching Lola’s bold determination to break free from Hollyweird and make her mark in the world.

Amanda and Ruthanna acutely represent a world many of us will never have the chance to visit, a world where parties, yachts, and problems are on a scale I could never imagine. (If for no other reason, you should read this book for the description of character Sergei Crimini’s boat. Boat isn’t even the right word. Floating, heavenly mansion might be more accurate.)

Flashing back to real-life celebrities, the ladies sent over a few pictures of their recent book party hosted by J Mendel at Saks Beverly Hills. That’s Christina Ricci to the right – isn’t her dress gorgeous?

Back to “Beneath a Starlet Sky”. The book is a must-read – and I can’t wait to go back and read “Celebutantes.”

♥ Syrah