I know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so this is either ill-timed or perfectly timed, depending on your situation. But even if we’re all madly in love right now, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been the target of heartbreak, and wished we had a pill.

For those of you who have never experienced heartbreak? Well, consider this preventative medicine.

“The Heartbreak Pill” by Anjanette Delgado was much more true-to-life than the title suggests. Rather than delving into magic realism, it takes a much more literal route: the heroine is a scientist who begins to develop a heartbreak pill after her husband leaves her.

Erika Luna is in her thirties, living in Miami, and – pardon the cliché – has it all. Her husband of seven years suddenly leaves her, uprooting her life in ways she never imagined.

This book stands out among chicklit because it doesn’t follow the familiar formula. In so many (of my favorite) chicklit novels the heroine works in public relations and seems to get by on her looks.

To be clear: I’m not knocking those books. I love them.

But! Erika Luna follows a different route – she’s a smart, sexy, loud, rambunctious, scientist! Oh, women in math and science, I adore you! And – to boot – her husband is a partner in a top PR firm. There always has to be at least one of those in the couple.

My personal heartbreak pill is always a bottle of wine. A day. For weeks. Maybe that’s not okay, but that was my prescription after being dumped.

But for the readers, I think the perfect complement to “The Heartbreak Pill” is a nice glass of champagne because this book sparkles and stands out among other chicklit genre books. I know that “champagne only comes from champagne,” so for my recommendation I’ll go with Andre Brut. It’s affordable, delicious, bubbly, and smooth. But – and I don’t often encourage random wine selections –in this case I say try something new. Grab any brand of sparkling wine that you’ve never tried. This book is new and exciting, and deserves something new (in your life) to accompany it.

♥ Syrah