If you too catch yourself talking about people on reality TV the way you talk about people you’ve known for years, I think you’ll like this one as much as I did.

The Next Big Thing lets us stay in the “From Fat to Fabulous” house with PR girl Kat Larson. She’s joined the cast of the newest weight-loss competition show.

In a house full of healthy foods and workout equipment, six girls earn dollars by shedding pounds, winning mini competitions and avoiding the Tomb of Temptation, a walk-in pantry brimming with junk food.

The application didn’t mention the food was bland, the challenges humiliating or that the show’s twists would so closely resemble the girls’ worst nightmares.

Her commentary on the peculiar way people talk to and about overweight people is honest and clever – it made me pause and ponder a few times (about the only thing that slowed down my page turning) and even laugh out loud.

Edwards introduces us to a Kat who could believably be in the money – and the size 4 Gucci dress her London boyfriend bought her. (They met online and she may have let him assume the runway-grade dress would be a perfect fit, but that’s precisely why this show is serendipitous. And she knows these types of American shows don’t make European air waves.)

The reader, then, is as surprised as Kat is by the unsavory reality of being on reality TV.

But there’s no need for unsavory wine.

Far better would be a glass of Fish Eye Cabernet Sauvignon – a full-bodied wine for our full-figured hero. This red wine tastes best after its had a little time to breath, so take it slow. By the time you’re headed to L.A. with Kat, this California wine will be an indulgent antidote to the house of limits you’re about to check in to.

♥  Chardonnay