First, a confession. I don’t generally like Lauren Weisberger’s books. But I can’t stop. I read them all.

And this one is great.

The book begins in the present, with Brooke (our leading lady) meeting up with her impossibly gorgeous friend Nola for dinner. Brooke’s running late again, but it only proves Nola’s true friendship when she isn’t pissed. Well, not that pissed. They chat, they drink, they laugh, but after dinner Nola clearly shows she doesn’t want to go see Brooke’s hubby perform at a piano bar.

Enter, Julian. Brooke’s hot, John-Mayer-esque husband about to hit stardom. Brooke’s been working two jobs – as a nutritionist at a hospital and at a private academy – to make ends meet, and to chase her dream of owning a private practice.

When Julian hits it big (I’m not giving anything away there, you could get that from the book jacket), Brooke struggles to keep both of her bosses happy while keeping Julian happy.

Page after page the reader is torn between rooting for Brooke to quit both of her jobs and follow Julian around the States, rooting for her to stand up for herself and follow her own dream, and – sometimes – rooting for Julian to manage his own image better to become an even bigger star.

This is chick-lit at its finest. Love, fame, celebrities, weight struggles (though only hardly, she’s just not quite ready for the red-carpet) and intriguing secret affairs.

Grab your largest glass and fill it to the rim with Clos du Val’s 2007 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Known for their balanced, complex and elegant wines it will go perfectly with this balanced, complex and elegant chick lit treat. You’ll need your biggest glass because you won’t be able to put this book down – plan an evening, grab a pillow and be ready to be delighted.

♥  Syrah